Police cheap swimming suits hunt for man in a 'beautiful' floral dress who took off in a car at a petrol station when the owner went inside to pay.

A thief wearing a 'beautiful flowery arrangement' has been caught on CCTV speeding off in a stolen car from a petrol station.

The car owner had left the keys in the ignition and had gone inside the Puma service station in the northern Darwin suburb of Jingili when the brightly attired thief made his move.

Senior Sergeant Garry Smith told Daily Mail cheap swimming suits Australia that the thief's fashion style isn't something he see's everyday. 

'He's dressed very brightly in a beautiful flowery arrangement, it appears like he's wearing a onesie.'

The brightly dressed thief makes his move while the owner is inside, making a beeline for the car and drives away, as the owner runs out of the service station after him

The Senior Sergeant swimwear manufacturer added that according to Australian Road Rules, a driver must remove the ignition key before leaving their vehicle if they're over three metres from the closest part and there is no one left inside or there is only a child or children under 16 years old left inside. 

He says that in the Northern Territory motorists face a total fine of $80 if they fail to secure their vehicle.

The stolen car and the thief are still outstanding.